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Shadow of The Wolf by Dana Marie Bell - Review

Shadow Of The Wolf by Dana Marie Bell
Heart's Desire: Book 1 - Chris and Lana
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ISBN 978-1-59578-641-8
Ebook 5.95

Christopher Beckett is tired of being alone. His wolf is howling for his mate, and Chris knows it is only a matter of time before his needs override everything else in his life. He casts the spell all the Becketts have used to call their mates to them. What he wants is a woman of an older lineage and power equal to his own. And she has to accept the one aspect that sets him apart from almost every other wizard: his wolf.

What Chris gets is Alannah Evans, a powerful witch of the Evans Coven. The petite, dark-haired woman has no problem with the wolf. What she does have a problem with is the fact that Chris is a wizard. Since wizards and witches don’t get along very well, neither should they, but the sparks flying between them can’t be denied. Chris isn’t taking no for an answer. When it becomes clear that an old enemy has targeted them both, Chris will engage his enemy in a duel that could cost him his life.

Or worse: Lana.

Book Review:

First let me tell you that Shadow of the Wolf is one spontaneous and remarkable read. I loved each one to pages. Chris and Alannah’s passion heats up the pages that left me all warm up inside… Not to mention I had to fan myself which is funny considering how cold these days and nights are right now. Not to mention how much I enjoy that as soon as Chris and Alannah first meet the sparks just fly. I couldn’t help be laugh out loud at their banter. I also couldn’t help but fall for the way Chris charmed the pants off of Alannah... no pun intended.

There is danger surrounding Chris and his family. He will be damned if just let his enemy lay his hands on his mate. And can I say wow! There isn’t Chris and Alannah wouldn’t do for each other as the story progresses.

I love all Dana Marie Bell novels and of course it’s no surprise at how much I love Shadow of the Wolf as well. I don’t know who the next lucky couple will be in this series but I am 100 percent sure it will be worth the wait.

There’s more, believe me plenty of more I can say about SotW but you all will have to get your own copy to find out for yourselves. Oh don’t forget to put some time aside to read Shadow of the Wolf because you will not want to stop reading this novel until the very end.

I give Shadow of the Wolf a 5 star rating

Book reviewed by
Guest reviewer, Veronica
Night Time Romance Reviews

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Taking Liberty by Jodi Redford - Review

Taking Liberty by Jodi Redford
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Genre: Romantic SciFi-Futuristic
ISBN: 978-1-60504-834-5
Price: 4.50
November 24, 2009

From zero to naked at warp speed…

Rini Campell’s one shot at keeping her field agent position with the United Galaxies’ repo department means bringing in the spaceship Liberty. Piece of cake. Except she didn’t count on the pilot still being on board. Or being buck naked.

Lucus Granger doesn’t have time to deal with a pain-in-the-ass repo agent. Not when he’s minutes away from dropping off a cargo haul for the psychotic alien dictator of Aquatica. Though he figures it’s just about the stupidest bargain he’s ever made, he allows Rini to tag along for the flight.

Big mistake.

Stranded in enemy territory, they find themselves fighting a battle on two fronts. Against a creepy dictator who’d as soon drown them as look at them. And against a blazing attraction hotter than the godforsaken planet itself. For these two wary hearts, love could bloom in the desert…if it doesn’t kill them first.

Warning: A feisty heroine and yummy hero getting sweaty in the desert. Squid aliens who bring new meaning to the word slimy. Oh, and some close encounters of the sexy kind...

Book Review:

Rini Campbell is on a repo job when she meets sex on wheels Lucas Granger. Somehow Lucas convinces Rini to wait until he comes up the money to pay off the repo. But unfortunately things go from wrong to worse when Lucas delivery doesn’t go as planned.

I love this story. This is what I call the sexy version of Stars Wars couple, Han Solo and Leia Skywalker. Rini and Lucas have such an amazing chemistry together even though half the time they hate each other. Each has the wrong opinion about one another.

Rini at times comes off like a heartless bitch but we later learn the reason she’s become the way she has.

I want to say I can’t stop grinning at the sexy banter between Rini and Lucas. Real sweet and humorous banter. And before you know it the so called heartless bitch realizes she has fallen in love. Too bad Lucas had to ruin the moment when he thinks she looks like she is going to puke, which has me laughing out for a while.

And of course the danger returns… Lucas last assignment wants revenge and at any means necessary.

Then of course this mean author brings on the angst which brings on the tears. Of course had to stop reading for awhile to compose myself from being all choked up inside. (Btw... thanks a lot for that Jodi)

And that is all I can say. I have to say this is one tale I shall not be forgetting any time soon. It’s already becoming one of my favorites.

I gave Taking Liberty a 5 Star rating

Book reviewed by

Guest reviewer
Night Time Romance Reviews

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Important Message

Important Notice.

Estefanie has been sick for some time now. I will be taking over her blog until she gets better.
I know that there are some reviews that need to be completed so authors, if you are wating for a review from Estefanie please let me know below. I wlll get in touch with you as soon as possible and complete your review for you. I will contact those who's waiting for a review and contact you shortly.

I hope this doesn't affect any author(s) from requesting a review here.

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