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Steel Beauty by Dana Marie Bell - Book Review

Steel Beauty by Dana Marie Bell
Samhain Publishing, Ltd
April 21, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60504-498-9
Paranormal Romance

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She’s everything a big bad wolf could want.
Halle Pumas, Book 4

Coping with a devastating injury is hard enough for Belinda “Belle” Campbell. Forced separation from her destined mate while she heals is almost more than she can endure. Until she is strong enough to take up her duties as Luna of the Poconos Wolf Pack, however, the safest place for her is Halle. Now, after months of being alone, she is more than ready to be claimed. But is the pack ready for a Puma Luna?

Rick Lowell has waited long enough to bring Belle home where she belongs. He’s aware of the danger, as well—and it isn’t long before a bitch with an eye on Belle’s position issues a challenge.

The only way to put down the threat is for Belle to defeat the usurper in combat.
There’s only one problem. Thanks to the pins in her broken hip, Belle can’t shift. Without that tactical advantage, it won’t be a fair fight. With his new mate’s life on the line, Rick is forced to make a decision that will change everything.

That is, if Belle gives him the chance to make it.


Its Belle’s turn to shine. After all the pain and suffering she’s had to endure, Belle discovers she mate in wolf pack leader, Richard “Rick” Lowell.

Belle has to endure painful months of separation of her mate, Rick while healing from her wounds. Rick, had no other choice but to leave Belle behind while he got his life, pack and other stuff in order to have everything prepared for his mate’s arrival.

But neither of them counted on vindictive pack member, Gina out to make Rick hers, and hers alone.

Belle soon learns that she has lots of challenges awaiting her in Poconos territory. Belle knows its worth it now that she’s reunited with her mate. But things go from great to worse when head female wolf, Gina doesn’t take it likely that Belle is replacing her. Gina won’t know what hit her once Belle has her in sights.

Rick knew Gina was a problem but he hadn’t realize just how much trouble she would be once he got Belle home. But that was nothing compared to what his Luna had in store for him and his pack.

Okay, what can I say that tons of other people haven’t already said about Dana Marie Bell’s Halle Pumas series but other than it being ultimate thrilling adventure filled with romance, humor and alpha males who will do whatever it takes to protect their mates. Even if said mates are stubborn yet strong willed woman. And Belinda “Belle” Campbell is no exception.
Ms. Bell brings fans a brand new and highly addicted addition to her Halle Pumas series, Steel Beauty.

Like her three previous books in the Halle Pumas series, Steel Beauty continues to thrill us with its sarcastic and strong heroine who can charm the pants of any available man. And with the strong and protective sexy alpha out to win over his mate.

I truly love this latest addition to the Halle Pumas Series. Ms. Bell is bringing sexy back with Rick and Belle’s story. Steel Beauty has even more action, romance and sarcastic hero/heroine to win over plenty of readers.

The only other thing I can say is I love how Ms. Bell manages to give us teasers on characters that could very well have in their own books in the future.
Kudos, Ms. Bell for continue to wow all with your talented writing skills and bring all the magic in these characters that we readers can’t help but fall in love with.

I give Steel Beauty a rating of 5 Stars.

Reviewed by:

Estefanie L
Night Time Romance Reviews