Monday, July 13, 2009

Heather Long's Goodies

Heather released her short story today!

The short story doesn't feature any Monopoly pieces: no Schnauzer, no Top Hat, no Shoe. But it does feature a mysterious isle called Avalon.

The God-Touched people of Remembering Ashby come from an isle called Avalon. This Avalon is not the same of Arthurian myth, but it is a center for learning, for magic and for religion. The people of the Isle are very different from the Mainlanders, particularly those from The Black Mountains.

In Forget to Remember, her short read, Alexandra Fraser has come of age and the Goddess calls her to service. Alexandra, known affectionately as Xandie, must go against the wishes of her family and her people to journey to the edge of the sea where a boat will take her to the Isle.

From Heather:

This short read is the prelude to the follow-up for Remembering Ashby called The Forgotten. The Forgotten won't be out until next year, but it's next on my project board after Hel's Belle is completed.

So head over to Heather's site to download this amazing short story.

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