Monday, July 13, 2009

Jasmine's Urban Cowboys, Eighteen Sexy Humorous Sexy Lines

After a nightmare divorce, Jasmine is ready to celebrate.. That night, with sex on her mind, she meets two attractive men.. What should she do?


After a nightmare marriage and a bitter divorce, Jasmine is ready to celebrate big time... Jaz meets Ted and Gabe, two deliciously attractive, available men..
Having spent a celibate year waiting for her divorce, waking up in the arms of a gorgeous hunk after a night of hot sex was at the top of Jaz’s list..
Either of these dreamboats would be wonderful, but which one? When she has trouble deciding Jaz makes the decision. If either of them would be good, then both of them would be twice as good!
With that thought burning into her psyche, Jaz returns determined to seduce not one, but both of the ready and willing studs.
What follows is a sexy, sometimes humorous story where the things that happen that night entwine all their lives, changing them forever...

First Eighteen Lines

1. “Who…are those guys. Those are the best looking pair of cowboys I’ve seen since Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” Jasmine

2.“I am. Look, you like these guys and it’s obvious they like you. I’m not blind. I can smell the fireworks waiting to erupt, and I’m only in the way.” Brenda

3.“If you can’t pick, how am I supposed to pick?” Jasmine

4.“Think about it. If one would be good, two would be twice as good.” Brenda

5.“Yeah, sure. More like hot married woman.” Ted

6.“I’m counting on it, after I leave.” Brenda

7.“Let both of us help you celebrate your emancipation. . . . Imagine how good both of us could make you feel.” Gabe

8.“I suggest you hurry before I chicken out.” Jasmine

9.“Throw you in Teddy boy and we make a fine looking threesome... . .” Gabe

10.“You said this would be a night we’d remember for the rest of our lives so I want a snapshot to revisit our night of debauchery whenever I feel like it..” Jasmine

11.“You said we made you feel so good that in comparison it seemed like you never had sex before—real sex.” Ted

12.“You celebrated with both of them... Ooh, you are a lucky girl.” Brenda

13.“Can I get you anything else? Refill, mayo, ketchup, climax?” Pam the waitress

14.You know, I don’t think you realize how lucky you are, having two of Texas ’ most eligible bachelors pursuing you.” Brenda

15.“Oh, I’m flattered all right and if I hadn’t just lost about a hundred-eighty pounds of pain in the ass, dead weight, I’d be receptive..” Jasmine

16.“Wow, such problems.. Should I pick hunk number one or hunk number two?” Brenda

17.“There you go. I’d get him back on the phone and say it was all a big mistake. Aunt Flo, Cousin Red and all that stuff... I’ll let you go.. Call me tomorrow.” Brenda

18.“And don’t feel embarrassed. . I got out my seven-inch companion and matched you, climax for climax, imaging I had two men, too.” Vickie

Laura Ashton's first book, Jasmine's Urban Cowboys which will be the first of a series, titled Sensual Awakenings was just accepted by Menage Amour. It's scheduled to be released in May.

The second book, entitled Sharing Brenda is completed and being readied for a summer release.

The third book Vickie's Secret is underway.

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