Monday, October 26, 2009

A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris (Book Review)

A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris

Ace Publishing
Paranormal Romance Short Stories
October 2009
ISBN #978-0441017836

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Book Description:


"Fairy Dust" originally appeared in Powers of Detection. "Fairy Dust" is about the fairy triplets Claude, Claudine, and Claudette. Following the murder of Claudette, the Claude and Claudine seek Sookie's help in determining the guilty party. Claude acquires a valuable asset in this story. The action in "Fairy Dust" takes place after the events in Dead to the World.

In "Dracula Night," Eric invites Sookie to Fangtasia for the celebration of Dracula's birthday, an annual event that makes Eric almost over the top with anticipation, since Dracula is his hero. Unfortunately, the "Dracula" who unveils himself may or may not be the real thing. Eric celebrates "Dracula Night" before the action of Dead as a Doornail.

After Dead as a Doornail, the news of her Cousin Hadley's death reaches Sookie in "One Word Answer." She's informed of Hadley's demise by the half-demon lawyer Mr. Cataliades, who has a loathsome driver and an unexpected passenger in his limo.

"Lucky" is light-hearted story set in Bon Temps in the time period after All Together Dead. Witch Amelia Broadway and Sookie are on the hunt to find out who's sabotaging the town's insurance agents.

On Christmas Eve, Sookie receives a very unexpected visitor in "Gift Wrap." She's been alone and feeling a little sorry for herself, when a wounded werewolf supplies her with a satisfying gift. I'm pleased she has such an interesting holiday before the grim events of Dead And Gone.

Book Review:

Let the good times roll, because fans have spoken and finally got their favorite Sookie Stackhouse’s short stories all in one collection.

Charlaine Harris has created a wonderful world involving her heroine, Sookie Stackhouse. With A Touch of Dead is no exception with the Ms. Harris keeping up with her excellent writing talents.

I am huge fan of all the Southern Vampires Series and I really had no idea she had all these amazing short stories in print books for fans and readers could read.

These short stories have gotten under in my skin. I just keep getting more and more addicted with anything written by Ms. Harris.

A Touch of Dead is a definite must have for all fans of Charlaine Harris.

Once I got over the screaming of receiving my copy of A Touch of Dead in the mail that I immediately locked myself in my room. There I slowly read and savored every page immensely. No one ruined my moments reading about Sookie, Eric and all the characters in this Southern Vampires universe.

I definitely recommend A Touch of Dead as one of the must have this fall season 2009!

I give A Touch of Dead a rating of 5 Screams.

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