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Destined Desires by Kara Wills (Book Review)

Destined Desires by Kara Wills

Talaeman Fae Book 2
Siren Publishing, Inc.
Paranormal Erotica Romance
E-book ISBN: 1-60601-561-3
October 2009

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Book Description:

For a century, Rihanna lived with the brutal memories of her soul mate's murder. Now he's back and he's stolen her heart all over again. The only problem: He's engaged to another woman, and Rihanna refuses to come between them.

Bryce Hampton is a haunted man. From early childhood, a mysteriously beautiful woman has plagued his dreams and caused the unusual scar on his hand to burn. After a momentary encounter with his dream angel in a nightclub, he is determined to find her.

The night Rihanna steps back into Bryce's life five months later, he knows he will never let her go again. But a new threat rises from the ashes of the old, more destructive and deadly than before. Can rekindled love keep Rihanna and Bryce alive?

Book Review:

Rihanna has found her long-lost lover once more. The only problem is that her mate was reborn into a human male. A human male who is currently engaged to another woman.

For many years, Bryce has had nightly passionate dreams of a woman he never knew existed. That is until he met said woman of his dreams on the night of Bryce proposing to his girlfriend. Now he cannot get his mystery woman out his head. He desires her like no other. No woman including his fiancée can satisfy him like Rihanna.

Rihanna wants Bryce more than ever but will come between him and his new life. However, fate is a fickle bitch. She will not be swayed by the petty wishes of man.

Kara Wills returns with her latest addition to her Talaeman Fae series. In Destined Desires, we get to know more about Rihanna and her destined mate, Bryce.

Destined Desires is even more amazing than its predecessor is, Forbidden Heart is. Nothing against Forbidden Heart, but I could not help love Destine Desires a bit more.

Even though the story revolves around Rihanna and Bryce, Ms. Wills manages to include a lot more on her previous leading characters of Moira and Shaye. This ingenious idea just made the storyline flow nicely and made it even more exciting.

I love this Ms. Wills original writing skills. Usually authors just include a mini background on their previous leading characters but you will not find that here. As much as I love discovering new leading characters to love, I am always left wondering what happened to the previous leading ones.

The action heats up in Destined Desires. There is even more at stake when the wicked bitch of the fae world is back once more to claim what she thinks belongs solely to her: Shaye.

In the off chance, you do not know who said bitch I am referring to; well you just have to get your copy of both books in this series to find out.

However, since I am not a total witch, I will let you know whom I am talking about in this instance. The hell on earth fae bitch also known as Daenna is one of the vilest creatures to walk this world.

She will stop at nothing to get Shaye back under her mercy. Daenna. This time she finds more allies to help with her dirty work.

Kate who has now turned to completely jealous shrew has joined up with the fae bitch, Daenna. Daenna uses Kate’s jealously to her advantage. However, no matter how bad Kate now is, she has no clue what the hell she has gotten into.

Destined Desires, just adds to the awesomeness that is Talaeman Fae series.

However, I do have one more thing to say about one particular stand out character in Destined Desires. I consider Horano, one character I shall unlikely forget about anytime soon. I just love him to death. He is one of the most mysterious and intriguing characters I have read about. I love the way he is with Moira. Not that I do not love Shaye, there just something about Horano that makes me love him a bit more. It is a damn shame Moira is with Shaye. My inner slut just loves the idea of the idea of Moira having two mates in Shaye and most definitely, Horano.

Okay, I have rambled long enough.

I give Destined Desires a rating of 5 Stars!

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