Friday, November 20, 2009

*Review* Summon Me Softly by Christle Gray

Summon Me Swiftly by Christle Gray

Sapphire Blue Publishing, Inc
November 2009
Fantasy Romance
Ebook $1.50
ISBN 978-1-934657-29-4

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Book Blurb:

After a disappointing night fending off drunk suitors at her friend’s Halloween party, Amanda Swift is completely disenchanted with the dating scene. She’s even more fed up with being alone, and wishes she’d finally find that perfect guy to sweep her off her feet and make her toes curl with ecstasy. But Amanda’s evening quickly switches gears when she walks into her bedroom and discovers a very handsome — and very naked—hunk, who wants to please her in every way. But is this a case of be careful what you wish for?

Book Review

Ms. Gray doesn't hold back and we get right into the sexy romance.

In Summon Me Swiftly, we meet a disappointed Amanda who has yet to find a man worthy of her affection. Just another night of meaningless meetings with drunken fools.

Amanda finds herself once again spending the night alone with her cat. Just when she thinks nothing good will ever happen. . .the good comes to her…

A sexy and naked present is currently on her bed offering to make all her desires come true.

You know the saying. . .be careful what you wish for, it just might come true.

Torrin is a professional Incubus assigned to make it a night to remember for Amanda. But unfortunately for Torrin, Amanda isn’t buying what he’s selling.

She quickly turns the tables on Torrin. I definitely loved the way she handles Torrin.

To find out what she does…

Well …

If you really want to know…

Then you just have to buy your own copy of Summon Me Swiftly to find out.

I give Summon Me Swiftly a 5 Star rating.

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