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Sex Camp (Cowboy Sex 3) By Natalie Acres - Book Review

Sex Camp (Cowboy Sex #3) by Natalie Acres

Siren Publishing, Inc.
Ménage Amour
ISBN# 1-60601-666-0
October 2009

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Book Description:

Trixie Cartwell likes to turn a few heads. She's out of control and her family knows it. When Kane Cartwell decides he's had enough, he sends his daughter to summer camp to work off her excess energy for a few months. What he doesn't bargain for are several cowboys ready to occupy her every waking hour while she's away.

Camp counselors and die-hard cowboys, Mitch, Brock, and Rory have several ways to keep the young Miss Cartwell extremely busy in a rustic summer camp. And they aren't the only ones with wild and wicked ideas.

When Trixie returns home, her fathers are less than thrilled about her decision to take on a few cowboys for a lifetime. That is until Rory, Brock, and Mitch prove themselves worthy of Trixie Cartwell's love by protecting her from a threatening man from her mother's past.

Book Review

Trixie is one brat that has been spoiled by her ‘daddies’ way to long. They have had it with her out of control behavior. They are finally putting their foot down and sending Trixie to work off her debts and their patience.

Trixie thinks she is in hell…literally. Nevertheless, the snarky girl finds ways to keep herself entertained with three sexy cowboys of her own.

Mitch, Brock & Rory finds them falling head over heels over the seductive temptress.

Trixie has no clue what she is really getting herself into with these men. She has had an idea especially growing up in the family with her mom and three dads. However, it is much different when she is now in her mother’s position.

She can try all the tricks in the book but nothing could prepare her for what Mitch, Rory and Brock have in store for her.

Of course with Trixie stunning looks none of the females at the camp can stand her. She does not care… Trixie is more than satisfied spending her time with Brock, Rory and Mitch.

These men have a lot history together… some good… some bad. However, they have stuck together through the years but now find themselves in odds over Trixie.

I must admit I wanted to smack the shit out of Trixie more than once. She has does not really know what hell she wants. She can certainly be a charming girl but at the same time be a spoiled ass little bitch too. Her daddies have finally stood up to her crazy antics. Even though Trixie has had to put up with a lot from her classmates torture about her family, she is never back down from a fight. Trixie has really been sheltered for too long from the real world. I shudder to think just how terrible Trixie's younger twin sisters will be once they hit that legal age.

Luckily, for her, Trixie is now going out in the real world and actually work for a living.

She now has more men than even Trixie does not know if she handled.

Trixie finds herself once again way over her head. She cannot help feeling horny as hell when it comes to Mitch, Brock and Rory.

Just when things are heating sky high between Trixie and her men, a deranged man from her mother’s past comes into her life.

Natalie Acres has done it again. She has brought the big guns with this latest addition to her Cowboy Sex series with Sex Camp. There is a lot more action, drama this time around. Go get your own copy now!

She is definitely bringing out all kinds of feelings regarding Trixie and her men.

Like you do not know if you want to hate or love this heroine. Either way, Trixie is one character you will not forget any time soon.

I rate Sex Camp (Cowboy Sex 3) 4 Stars.

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