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Samanthŕa Lampiŕ is High Priestess of twelve powerful and ancient bloodlines which consist of Strygi, a type of immortal vampire-- and Lycãon, a wolf sharing soul with a male or female human. She has great respect for the Old Ways and their laws. It was her vow when she took her title to restore them to her people. But alas, it seems that the Evil bloodlines which desire the destruction of her world and its realms have become stronger. Her bloodlines are becoming extinct. And the Awakening that she has struggled to prevent because of an age long curse has been triggered; by the return of someone even more cursed…Daŕeus Dracuŕa, the thirteenth bloodline, Father of the Blood.

Daŕeus returns to TEŔAH to find his bloodlines and their realms attacked by an unseen and unnamable force. He is the only one who can protect them, restore them and end this phase of madness and destruction. But in order to do so, he needs his High Priestess at her full power. The problem is that she will not welcome what all others before her have willingly, an Awakening-- which he deems will free her and she deems will be her end, and the end of those she loves most.

Can they find the source of Evil’s power, the Dark Matter, before it is too late? How many realms and lives will die before they do? Will Samanthŕa Awaken, and if she does, what will become of her and those who will be affected by the curse? Will Daŕeus even give her a choice for the sake of his blood?
Samanthŕa the highest priestess in a world long before the Earth was discovered. Where magic was a way of life. She lives with her father and two siblings. She longs to be reunited with her other sisters and her mother. Samanthŕa has no clue of the danger that she is in. Her father has managed to convince Samanthŕa that should she go through her awakening the lives of her sisters are mortal danger. For that she suffers in silence the pains of concoctions her father makes her drink to prevent her awakening. She would do what ever it took to keep her sisters from being harmed.

Daŕeus has long considered dead by the remaining clans. With help of his mate he is able to escape the prison from he was falsely imprisoned. He returns to punish all those who kept locked up. But first he must reclaim his mate, Samanthŕa who has no idea of his true identity. With the return of Daŕeus their world will never be the same again.
Daŕeus and Samanthŕa have lots of challenges to go through just to be together. Neither is willing to get over their stubbornness but they will enjoy the challenge of it. Samanthŕa has always believed that the people she cared for will honorable. But when more and more treachery uncovered by those around her, Samanthŕa will discover a strength she never she had. With her finally overcoming her fears, Samanthŕa will finally become one the she was destined to be.

Author C.H. Scarlett has created two remarkable characters, Daŕeus and Samanthŕa from an extraordinary world. This world that Ms. Scarlett has created in like nothing I have ever read before. It has some world class originality that will keep more than one reader to be ENCHANTED!
Welcome to a brand new series by this talented writer. Ms. Scarlett has created a thrilling and exciting new series that is going to wow many fans. It has that old fantasy romance that is rarely seen in today’s novels. There are many intriguing characters that help our hero and heroine along the way. Things are rarely what they seem which makes it ever harder for the heroine to keep on fighting. You will enjoy all the obstacles and challenges placed on these characters.
You better believe that Bound By Blood is a work of art that has the makings of being onscreen entertainment. You will not find anything remotely close to this novel.
Like most of my previous reviews, I recommend this to all readers who love fantasy and paranormal romance. You will not be disappointed.

There are plenty of review sites that will say a lot of good things about books and whether or not there any good-- well that is left up to reader; I pride myself in being objective when writing reviews. But alas, I couldn’t help with writing this review making a bit more personal. Bound By
Blood is definitely one of my top book choices of 2009. Readers such as me will definitely recommend this book.

Bound By Blood will not be forgotten by readers anytime soon.

Last but not least, I for one can’t wait for book 2 especially with the way the author, Ms. Scarlett cliffhanger ending.
Forgive me, my rambling.. plus any and all things that don’t make sense. I can only blame Ms. Scarlett for turning my world upside down with this beautiful world she created.
Kudos to Ms. Scarlett for a job very well done! We definitely want more!
I give Bound By Blood: The Awakening a rating of 5 Stars!
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