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Forbidden Hearts: Talenian Fae Book 1 by Kara Wills - Book Review

Forbidden Heart: Talenian Fae Book 1
By Kara Wills
Siren Bookstrand, Inc.
Paranormal, Fantasy and Sensual Romance
EBook $5.99

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His curse brings love and heartache. . .

The moment Shaye sees Moira, he is sure she will break his two hundred-year-old curse. It doesn't take long for Shaye to fall in love with this magnificent human woman, but proving his love is more difficult.

Moira is piecing her broken heart and broken life together when Shaye storms in and whisks her away on a fairytale adventure. Accepting his mythological nature--half human, half faerie--is disturbingly easy. Accepting his promise of forever seems ludicrous, as much as her heart beats to believe in him.

Daeanna is the daughter of Dagda, king of the Tuatha de Danann, and she is hell-bent on keeping what is rightfully hers: Shaye. Rejecting any possibility that Moira might be his true soul mate, Daeanna is determined to keep them apart...whatever the cost.

Love has never been so powerful, greed never so hideous. In worlds infused with beauty, magic and peace, can nightmares be banished and deceit be justified? Can love truly conquer all?


Moira is just an ordinary who is trying to get through her way in life. But life is currently kicking her when she is down by making Moira deal with an unfaithful ex. The joy in her life right now is her son, Chase. Currently she joins her best friend Rae at coffee when she most intriguing and mysterious man she ever laid eyes. Once she first meets Shaye, Moira can’t help but notice his … ears?
Shaye is in a living hell. He has spent the last two centuries being punished for a crime he now no longer sure is guilty of. Shaye now thinks he wished he was sentenced to death instead of the hell he’s been living as Daenna’s sex toy. Nothing and no one deserve this torture from an evil pureblood fae bitch. But just when Shaye can no longer take it, he finally meets his one true mate… Moira with Moira at his side, he might make it through it and finally get to feel peace.
Moira is first shocked and scared at meeting Shaye thinking he might someone her ex, Vick sent to keep tabs on her. She can’t help but feel that there something uniquely special about Shaye. Moira is soon drawn more and more to this mysterious stranger. With Shaye at her side, Moira feels a bond she has never felt before.

Shaye realizes that when he captures Moira in his arms, he feels that she is his saving grace. He will do whatever takes to keep Moira safe in his life.

Life can be sweet but like most love stories there’s always evil lurking behind the scenes. But this time there is one evil Fae pureblood bitch out to harm Moira for daring to trying to come between her and Shaye.

Daenna is one sick and twisted bitch. I for one enjoyed hating this character. This is the first time I hated a character. She is one character you can’t help but hate.
Ms. Kara Will introduces to a new series with the first title, Forbidden Heart that is going to have readers sigh with pleasure. The readers will no longer fall in love with the torture hero, Shaye but cheer on the heroine, Moira for her strength and faith her mate.
I couldn’t help but fall in love with the way Shaye slowly managed to get Moira to trust her heart to him. Along the way, Shaye also won over her son Chase who he also cherishes as much as he does for Moira.

Forbidden Hearts is remarkable romance novel and is off to a great start to an amazing series.
All characters are exciting that readers will cheer and won’t help but scream at certain scenes and characters for their behaviors.

Ms. Wills will keep readers hooked on Forbidden Hearts from the very first page till the very end. Ms. Wills wrote a fitting ending to all the main characters. You will definitely enjoy what happens to a particular character. Readers will remember that true love can conquer all.

I give Forbidden Hearts: Talenian Fae Book 1 a rating of 5 Stars!

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