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Book Review - Devour Me by Lydia Parks

Devour Me by Lydia Parks
Kensington Publishing
Paranormal Erotic Romance
ISBN #9780758238009
September 2009
Print book $13.95

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Book Description:

They live in a world swirling in mist and darkness….Their mission is to tempt, tease, and seduce as they mesmerize us with their promise of taking our desires to the ultimate limit…

Dark Obsession

For three centuries, Benjamin Bartlett's desire for blood—and for the woman who granted him eternity—has consumed him. But when he discovers a group of four people taking refuge in his home after their van breaks down, he's immediately drawn to Star Reid—and soon she drives him over the edge in a white-hot lust that won't be denied…

Blood Lust

Vampire Christopher Marsh has searched for years for the talisman that could make him mortal again and give him the chance to fall in love. On the archeological dig, he's supervising, beautiful professor Nicole Stephenson reminds him daily of what he wants but can't have. But when he abandons all control and gives in to his explosive desires, his quest takes on more urgency—for he can't lose the woman he's been waiting so long for…

Book Review:

Dark Obsession

Benjamin has lived a long live alone. He isolates himself in huge mansion. The rare chances Benjamin heads into to town, he goes to relive his cravings.

On one stormy night, he meets a foursome who interrupts his solitude. At first, he wants to rid himself of this group until he first lays eyes on Star.

Star is unsettled upon meeting her host, Benjamin. She soon forgets about him when her companions seduce her. In addition, just like that, Star is once again left unsatisfied.

Benjamin is aroused when he witnesses Star and her companions in sexy love fest. He notices that Star is left wanting. He is so angered on behalf of Star’s situation. He is consumed with desire for Star. Benjamin hopes to rectify Star’s predicament.

Star feels something strange is going on with their host. He is unlike anyone she’s ever met. Yet there is something memorizing about Benjamin.

Just when things are getting even more exciting, Star and Benjamin’s past comes back to haunt them both.

Lydia Parks introduces readers to her new anthology, Devour Me. In Devour Me, readers discover Lydia’s paranormal heroes and the erotic that comes up with their heroines.

Dark Lust

Christopher Marsh has searched for a very long time for a special talisman to ‘cure’ him. He longs to be mortal once more. He hires a special team to help in his search. The leader of his search team is Professor Nicole Stephenson. She reminds him of all things he desires but can never have.

Professor Nicole Stephenson is head of the archeological dig that sponsored by an eccentric rich man, Christopher Marsh. She has no idea that her sponsor really is nor does she know his true intentions with their dig. Nicole feels sexually drawn to Christopher but keeps her desire for him a secret. She doesn’t want to ruin her reputation with a fling. What they both didn’t count on was their passions wouldn’t be denied. Christopher manages to sneak a bite to an unsuspecting Nicole during their first thralls of passion.

Like the previous story, things heat up between the hero and heroine. Yet unlike Dark Obsession, only the hero’s past comes back to haunt and destroy Christopher’s happiness he’s found with Nicole.

Nicole has a great dilemma ahead for her. Is Nicole willing to give her reputation for something she doesn’t know will last?

Lydia Parks rocks with this anthology. The heroes of this anthology can Devour Me anytime. Pun intended.

I just posted the cliff notes of this amazing book. If you want more, which I have no doubt you will, then get your copy now.

I give Devour Me a rating of 5 Stars.

Book Reviewed by:

Night Time Romance Reviews

About The Author:

Lydia Parks grew up in New Orleans, the city of music, fun, and food. After a year of college, she dropped out and ran off to Alaska to enjoy a taste of the Wild West pipeline days. Three years later, tired of working for minimum wage, Lydia returned to the Lower 48 and earned a Master's degree in engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. As a civil engineer, she spends a lot of time on the road, and was even sent to Siberia for a brief assignment. Lydia and her husband have lived all over the United States from Louisiana to Alaska. While moving around, she stumbled onto the joy of her life—writing.

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