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Review - Biker Babe in Black by Debra Kayn

Biker Babe in Black by Debra Kayn
The Chromes and Wheels Book 1
Red Rose Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60435-397-6
Sensual Romantic Comedy
September 2009
EBook $ 3.99

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Book Description:

Even on her motorcycle, Margarine Butter, can’t outrun the bad luck that continues to follow her around. Fired from her second job in less than a week all because of some man, she’s got two options: Hit the rode on her Motorcycle and find another job, or call it quits and go back to The Chromes and Wheels Gang. At the rate she’s going, she’ll never achieve her dream of buying a home where she can plant some roots.

Business Tycoon, Remy Montgomery, can’t believe the waitress refused his offer and rode off on a Harley Davidson without a second thought. Determined to get the biker babe in bed, he tracks her down and offers her a job she can’t refuse.

Is Margarine’s luck changing or is she making a horrible mistake?

Book Review:

Everyone meet Margarine Butter--Remy just did. Their lives will now never the same again.

Margie Butter is currently working at a greasy diner trying to safe up some money to buy her dream home. She longs to have a place to grow some roots and maybe raise a family someday.

She works the tables in the diner when she literally is knocked off her feet when she meets Remy Montgomery. Unlucky for her, Margie is fired for this mishap.

As she heads towards her Harley, Margie is approached by Remy. She thinks Remy trying to proposition her. Margie rather sells out and buys a car than take Remy up on his proposition. She drives off with a smile on her face when she leaves the man with the huge ego in the dust.

Remy Montgomery accidentally knocks into Margie. He tries to make it up to Margie for being fired by giving her some money until her next job. Margie misunderstands Remy’s reason for whipping out some money. He is pleasantly shocked to discover Margie’s form of transportation.

Margie and Remy meet up again when she is on a coffee delivery. She is currently trying to reach an itch caused by her uniform. In the elevator behind an unknown to Margie is Remy. He is currently enjoying the look of some sexiest legs he has seen. Remy thinks that his companion is trying to seduce. No way in hell is that happening Remy boy.

Margie is shocked to discover that she is not alone but that it is the man trying to buy her is next to her.

What another interesting way to meet up again. Margie once again thinks that Remy is trying to buy her. A mortified Margie realizes the mistake she is made with Remy. She delivers the coffee order and

Remy helps her to get back to her job when they become trapped in the private elevator. Once again, Margie’s bad luck comes back a vengeance. With Remy’s help, she loses another job.

Remy tries to make it up to Margie by offering her a housekeeping position. She reluctantly agrees with the stipulation that there will not be any sexual favors involved.

Margie calls on her ‘brothers’ to let him know what she’s doing and where her family can find her.

Remy finds Margie simply enchanted. He cannot help but fantasy what it would like to be with Margie.

Biker Babe in Black moves on and soon the heat is turned up between Margie and Remy. Margie gives Remy more than one surprise when they finally hit the sheets.

Their relationship turns out the best thing that could ever happen between these two charismatic characters.

Not even Remy’s disapproving mother, the conniving bitch Gloria or the superficial bastard of Clay can destroy Margie.

She is a fighter but deep down Margie’s also a woman with the heart of gold.

Author Debra Kayn returns with a brand new book, Biker Babe in Black. In Biker Babe in Black introduces to characters that are anything but ordinary and mundane.

I love the originality of the characters names and this storyline.

Biker Babe in Black has the sweet charm of She’s All That and sensual and angst filled drama of Pretty Woman.

This has to be the most entertaining and angst filled drama that has yet to get old for me. I have read Biker Babe in Black so many times that I have lost count.

This book is just tremendously sexy, charming that has may make more than reader cry. Readers may cry but will not hate Ms. Debra Kayn for it.

I love the journey Margie goes through to realize that she deserves to be loved by someone as Remy Montgomery.


Keep a box of tissues handy.

I give Biker Babe in Black a rating of 5 Screams.

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Night Time Romance Reviews

About the author:

My name is Debra Kayn. I'm a Romance Author, wife, and mother to four great kids. I live in the Pacific Northwest.

When I'm not writing, I like to spend time outdoors gardening, riding motorcycles, fishing, and playing tennis.

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