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Book Review - Seduced by Magic by Stephanie Julian

Seduced by Magic by Stephanie Julian
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Paranormal Erotic Romance
ISBN #9781419914935
March 2008
Ebook $5.20 - Print book $14.99
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Book Description:
Justin Johannson knows there are mythical creatures living among us. After all, he has been trying to prove their existence for ten years. Research gets a whole lot more interesting when he finds a winged woman in his bed and his sexual fantasies come to life.Etruscan folletta Scarlata is convinced Justin is in league with an evil businessman bent on capturing her for scientific study, which is so not going to happen. She decides that Justin needs to be taught a lesson to leave her and the rest of the mythical creatures in peace — but before, she might just have a little fun of her own.The beautiful folletta never expected to fall for a human and Justin is about to discover that true magic really does exist in the world. And in him.
Book Review:
Scarlata has only one thing on her mind concerning Justin Johannson….to kill him. He may be a fine specimen for a human but he is no match for her. He will get what is coming to him after daring to capture her.

Justin has spent many years trying to make his dream into reality. He has searched for a long time to find proof that there is paranormal life forms. Moreover, what a dream come true to find the proof he needed show up and give him more passion than he has ever had before.

Scarlata had not counted on sleeping with Justin. She wanted to a little fun before killing this human. What started out a just a fling turned into something much more than either one expected…

Justin manages to charm his way into Scarlata’s life. He refuses to let the one woman disappear from his life. There is even more danger that surrounds an unaware Justin. Scarlata is not about to let someone else have the pleasure of killing Justin. She saves him from the real menace that was out to capture her.

Scarlata and Justin realize that he was just a pawn used to draw her out.
They barely make it out alive and head over to an acquaintance of Scarlata’s.
There they learn that Justin is not just a regular human. He is much more.

Justin shows Scarlata just how much he cares for her and is not willing to let her just walk away from him. Later, Justin learns the truth about his father and is shocked tremendously.

Is there anyone that he can completely trust? Will Scarlata give in to Justin? What other secrets will Justin and Scarlata discover? When danger comes a knocking on their door, will Scarlata and Justin make it out alive?
Stephanie Julian brings readers her novel, Seduced by Magic. The very first title on her wonderful series. In Seduced by Magic, reader will find a fiery-spirited folletta.
Scarlata’s plans to kill Justin fall through after having sex with him. She does not realize at the time that Scarlata just sealed her fate when decided to have sex with Justin.
Justin is just as determined to keep Scarlata in his life. She is more than he could possibly dream of and cannot wait to discover more. He is going to use all his charm to win her over.

Scarlata refuses to believe that a mere human like Justin can have such a hold over her. Nevertheless, the more time Scarlata spends with Justin, the more she wants him.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Seduced by Magic. The heroine is one crazy ass woman. She may have started off as a bitch in this book but I soon realize that‘s just part of her own charm. She is such a fascinating character to read about and you cannot help but laugh at the predicament she put herself in now. Whenever Justin and Scarlata are within distance between, the sparks fly and the scenes become scorching hot.

I so enjoyed discovering the mystery surrounding Justin and his family. Even loved reading about the secondary characters such as Sal and Nortia. Cannot forget to mention just how much I love the nicknames, Ms. Julian gives to her characters.

I give Seduced by Magic a rating of 5 Stars.

Book Reviewed By:

Night Time Romance Reviews

About The Author: 
I'm an avid reader, who had a book-a-day habit until I realized I not only wanted to read books but write them, too.

Romance has always been my first love, the hotter the better. I started reading romance in seventh grade when I discovered Harlequin Presents before graduating to Bertrice Small and
Kathleen Woodiwiss. I spent most biology classes with a romance hidden inside my textbook.

After graduating from Penn State with an English degree (and parents who never once said (but had to be thinking) "What the hell are you going to do with an English degree?"), I took a job at a newspaper because the only thing I wanted to do was write and they were going to pay me to do it. And I needed the job. Covering municipal government meetings gave me plenty of time to think about exactly what I wanted to write. For me there was really no choice. It was romance all the way.

So, about 10 years ago, I decided to rekindle my childhood dream of writing romance, joined Romance Writers of America and Valley Forge Romance Writers and set about becoming published.

So, here I am, finally.

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