Monday, August 24, 2009

Author Guest, Eric Jerome Dickey + Book Giveaway!

I want first give a shout of praise to Ms. Ava from Penguin Group for setting up this interview and giving a copy of Resurrecting Midnight to one lucky reader/fan!

Hello, Mr. Eric.   

Let me start off with the good stuff.  

What has been the best part of being an published author?

It's hard work, and it's being a business owner where you do all the heavy lifting on the front end, then team up with others in publicity and editing on the back end to complete the project. I work harder for myself than I ever worked for others, and I'm no slacker. No complaints and definitely no regrets. I'm getting to do something I enjoy doing.
After many years of successful books under your belt, does it still thrill you when you receive in your hands your latest novel?
The completion of a project still amazes me. It all starts with one idea... then one sentence...

Can you tell us what it took for you to complete your latest novel, Resurrecting Midnight?

I spent a lot of time in South America, in an area where there was, for the most part, no English. It took a lot of determination and discipline.

What was it like visiting Argentina?

It was great. Would love to go back for two months and immerse myself in the language and culture. And it was interesting looking at the U.S. through the eyes of another non-English speaking country.

In all your travels, where has been your favorite place to visit so far?

Hands down, London. Because of the theater and the transportation. And there was no language barrier, but I do want to learn other languages. Antigua is a close second. I love Antigua because it's 180 degrees from being London. Very peaceful. 360 beaches.

What’s like being best selling author Eric Jerome Dickey?

I'm just another Joe working to pay his bills.

Can you describe one day in the life of Eric Jerome Dickey?

Same as everyone else's. Nothing special. Writing, laundry, writing, car wash, writing, eating, writing, working out, writing, watching tv, writing... not too exciting. Just normal.

Watching a writer work is about as boring as boring can get.

After writing so many bestsellers, what inspires you to keep on writing these amazing Gideon novels?

I have bills.

Can you tell us a bit about Resurrecting Midnight? Can you give us a little teaser about Gideon’s newest adventure?

Go to for information.

What is the one thing that can surprise your fans and readers about you.

Honestly, I have no idea. Hopefully the writing is a surprise to them, in a good way. I have a long way to go, and I hope I'm getting a little better as the years go by.

Do you have a special ritual when creating new novels?

Nope. Just work work work. It's a job. Some people only see the end result, and they think it's not work, but it's job. A hard job at that.

Are you working on anything new right now that you might tease us about?

(You sure like the word tease. What's up with that?)
All info will be posted at

Where can fans/readers go to find more about you and your novels online?

It leads them to the Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and places they can donate money to my college fund. LOL
What social networks do you belong to?
They are all listed at There are so many I just list them on the site.

What has been the craziest/wildest thing a fan or reader has ever told you?

That list is endless. There are a lot of unstable people out there. The movie Misery was fiction for some, a documentary for others.

What do you do in your spare time? Do you have a spare time?

No spare time.

It’s been a absolute joy having this chance to interview you, Mr. Eric.

El gusto es mio! Igualmente, Senorita. Que hora es? Soy tengo hambre y quiero almuerzo.
I really look forward to your visit in Houston this week. I love Houston! Might move there... joking about the moving. LOL Ciao, adios, mi amiga! Hasta lluego! No, hasta pronto! Soy esta en Houston para Jueves!

Yeah, my Spanish sucks.

Now that we know that Mr. Eric isn't just another pretty face but has a great since humor as well, its now time to begin our giveaway.

For the residents of United States only and the contest ends August 31st, 2009.

Just post a comment below telling us what upcoming book you are looking forward to reading for your chance to win a copy of Resurrecting Midnight.