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Review - A Dark Love by Margaret Carroll

A Dark Love by Margaret Carroll
Avon Books
Romantic Suspense
ISBN #978-0061652783
September 2009

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Book Description:
Only Caroline knows the truth about her husband, the brilliant psychoanalyst whose list of patients includes some of Washington, D.C.'s, most celebrated. Caroline has seen the darkest side of this cruel, controlling psychopath who watches her every move. With only a few precious minutes allotted to her, escape is now or never. Caroline must run for her life . . . as far and fast as she can.

But even two thousand miles isn't far enough.

A new identity, new town, and new love—rugged pro-footballer-turned-outdoorsman Ken Kincaid—won't protect her. Because Caroline knows Porter will never stop until he's hunted her down.

And there will be a reckoning . . .

Book Review:

Caroline just had one chance to escape the hell she’s been living these past few years. Caroline never thought the man she loved would turn into such wretched monster. With minutes to spare, Caroline manages to disappear from Porter’s reign of terror.

Caroline changes her appearance and gets a new identity. As Alice Stevens, she hopes to put her life as Caroline Hughes behind her.

Ken Kincaid is a former pro footballer player who now works as an outdoorsman. He know that Alice is hiding something but he can’t help but feel there something special about her.

He slowly manages to win her trust.

Caroline (Alice) is bewildered about her feelings for Ken. She finds him to be charming. Yet Alice doesn’t know if she wants to get to close to anyone for fear that her husband Porter might find her.

Porter is beyond furious that his wife Caroline dared to abandon him. He’s not going to let his wife get away with leaving him. He discovers that the woman that he married has been secrets. Porter learns more important details about the secrets Caroline kept from.

Once he finds her, Porter will make Caroline pay for this treachery.
A Dark Love is the unforgettable debut of Margaret Carroll, an extraordinary new master who spins a tale of passion tinged with terror. Though Caroline has finally escaped her marriage to a cruel and controlling psychopath, she still lives in fear. Her husband will not rest until he finds her . . . and makes her pay.

Readers will be chilled to the core with the despicable and evil character of Porter Moross. He’s even more cruel than his wife, Caroline could ever know. There’s nothing Porter won’t do to keep his wife in his grasp. Caroline’s life will be in even more danger if Porter finds her.

I have read plenty of books this summer but nothing could have made me put down A Dark Love until I finished it. Caroline makes her move to disappear from the her husband Porter. She never had an easy life yet she thought with Porter her life would finally be good. Nothing was ever the same when she married Porter.

Luckily she has a confident in her college friend, Tom Fielding. With Tom’s unknowing helping her, Caroline found a new place to hide. With her new identity Alice, found a wonderful small town to hide out from Porter. She meets a group of helpful and kind townspeople in Storm Pass, Colorado. One of such kind people is Ken Kincaid. A divorcee who’s not looking to get involve with another woman. That is until he meets Alice Stevens.

With Ken’s help, Alice manages to slowly open up to him. Ken knows that there is more going on but he’s willing to wait for her to let him in. Alice is the woman for him and she’s definitely worth the wait.

Just as Alice and Ken’s budding romance blossoms, Porter arrives to take back what he considers his. This time nothing will keep him from Caroline.
Will Porter’s reign of terror finally destroy Caroline and the people she’s come to care?

Will there be any survivors after the smoke clears?
The suspense in A Dark Love will keep readers at the edge of seats.

I give A Dark Love a rating of 5 Screams.  

Reviewed by:

Night Time Romance Reviews

Coming October 2009

A masterful thriller from an extraordinary new voice in passion and suspense—Margaret Carroll.

Christina achieved unparalleled wealth and prestige when she married Jason Cardiff, Wall Street wizard and Mayflower descendant. But once the cracks in the union began to show, even the towering privet hedges surrounding their East Hampton estate could not contain the dark rumors.

Then everything came crashing down . . .

At an exclusive Midwest rehab center, Christina receives the shocking news that Jason has been found dead in their swimming pool. The discovery that she's a murder suspect shatters her newfound sobriety and propels her back into the dangerous arms of Daniel Cunningham—the mysterious blue-collar worker who may have been present the night of Jason's death. But her rekindled affair could cost Christina her son, her fortune, and her life—and if she cannot conquer her re-emergent demons, the truth and the tide will drag her under permanently.

About the Author:

Margaret Vodopia Carroll is a New York City native.

The author of A Dark Love, she earned a BA from The George Washington University, and has lived in London; New York; Washington, D.C.; and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She enjoyed a high-flying career in publishing and public relations, specializing in international luxury travel. Her job took her all over the globe until she got married and became a mother, thereby embarking on the most exciting adventure of her life.

The Carrolls live in Michigan with a Scottish terrier named Buddy.

Author Info and Other Book Details Credit to HarperCollins Website. 

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