Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Vampire Ball 2009

Calling All Vampire Authors, Publishers, PR people for Vampire Authors, and Publicists for Vampire and Paranormal Authors

Hello all vampire authors (and your reps) would you be interested in donating a copy or two of your vampire/paranormal books (or your clients books, signed if possible) and perhaps some other promotional items (T-shirts, hats, bookmarks, keychains, etc) to the Flint 2009 Vampire Ball to be used as prizes.

The Vampire Ball is a charity event that raises funds for the Flint Farmers Market. This is its second year.

As you may know Flint, MI is an area that has been hit the hardest by the poor economy especially since we are "Vehicle City", the center of GM and the auto industry. Sure the corporate offices are in Detroit (which gets all the media attention) but most of the factories are in and around Flint, factories that now sit empty as do many homes and businesses.

Flint is an area that once employed over 80,000 workers in the automotive industry but now employs less than 1,000. Our unemployment rates are one of the highest in the country as are foreclosure rates. Entire neighborhoods are becoming ghost towns.

One of the remaining gems in Flint is our fabulous Farmer's Market which provides local farmers a place to sell their goods. This year will be the second annual Vampire Ball and we are hoping to make it bigger and better than last year's event.

It would be wonderful if you could donate a signed copy of your book to be offered as part of a prize pack. We are hoping many vampire/paranormal authors will participate.

So far Angela Knight, Marta Acosta, Lynda Hilburn, Kiki Howell, Cornelia Amiri and myself are all donating signed copies of a couple of our books and Kaitlyn from Penguin Books has promised to send a package of any vampire and paranormal books she has in her office.

The ball is October 24, 2009, if you are planning on being anywhere near Flint please come join us. Tickets can be purchased in advance at

Purchase them early because last year the Ball was sold out.

If you are interested in joining us and setting up a table to sell and sign your books (we would be so thrilled to have you) please contact Ilona Curry at She is handling all entertainment and promotions for the ball.

Roxanne Rhoads will be at the ball this year selling and signing some of her books. It would be great to have some other authors there as well.

Last year Colleen Gleason, Michigan author of the Gardella Vampire Chronicles, was at the ball selling and signing her books. It would be wonderful to have a couple authors this year.

If you are interested in donating any books or promo items they can be mailed to Roxanne(contact her directly for address).

Just be sure to include a note that the books or other items are for the Vampire Ball. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

If you need any more information feel free to email Roxanne with any questions at eroticroxanne at yahoo dot com.