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Review - The Eternal Kiss by Christina Kelly

The Eternal Kiss by Christina Kelly
Hearts on Fire Publishing
Erotic Paranormal Romance
July 15, 2009
EBook Price $4.99

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Book Description:

In The Eternal Kiss we meet Alana Marie Sheridan a young girl living in a broken home, moving through the world unnoticed and unappreciated. That is until Allurius Lebeau, a devastatingly handsome, hot tempered, immensely wealthy vampire, stumbles upon her and is drawn to her so quickly even his companion Dresden Hawthorn is baffled at his hastiness in giving this girl immortality.
However things are not as they seem when they find Alana’s body has rejected the preternatural blood bestowed upon her and her dark brown eyes have turned a startling shade of magenta while she herself is in a fragile limbo between life and death.
Filled with the emotional back-stories of Allurius and Dresden, The unforeseen danger and warnings from others in their vampire coven and finally the kidnapping of Alana by a Primoris Humus vampire for the blood inside of her.
This novel puts both Allurius and Dresden to the test to see if they can put the past behind them and save Alana before she becomes just another memory in their eternal lives.

Book Review:

This is the ultimate good versus bad vampires love story. At the heart of this tale is the young and lovely Alana Sheridan. At a chance meeting, she meets the mysteriously and sexy Allurius.

Within a short period, Allurius becomes enamored over his young darling, Lana. There are circumstances that forces Allurius to Alana home sooner than he expected.

Dresden finds himself just drawn to Alana as Allurius is. Neither knows what exactly it is about Lana that draws them like a flame to a fire.

The men soon tell their fledging, Lana about their history. They explain just how they came to be the vampires they are today.

Just like that, their past comes back to haunt them. Trouble comes a knocking at their home. Unknown assailants are after Alana. No one knows exactly what part Alana is to play in this tale. There are many groups after Alana and not everyone is looking for what is best for Alana. People come out the woodworks to use her for their own devious purposes.

What no one knows just what fate is in store for Alana and her men?

This suspenseful paranormal has plenty of sexy romance scenes.

The uncertainly will have readers guessing just who the true bad people are. What is so special about the violet eyed Alana.

Author Christina Kelly has created a shocking twisted tale of paranormal romance.

Ms. Kelly’s The Eternal Kiss is one fast paced and thrilling tale. The ending will leave plenty of readers shocked and anxiously wanting more.

I was and still reeling over the shocking ending. All I have to say to Ms. Kelly is--What the hell?? How could you leave it there?

Okay, now that I have that out of my system.

Alana, Allurius and Dresden are three remarkable characters whose lives are not exactly how they picture them to be. Even though their past still haunts them, they have managed to keep on fighting to survive.

I hope to see more great novels from Ms. Kelly in the future. If they are anything like The Eternal Kiss, then we are definitely in for a real good time.

I give The Eternal Kiss a rating of 4 ½ Stars.

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