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Review - NIGHTSCHOOL Volume 1 - The Weirn Books by Svetlana Chmakova

NIGHTSCHOOL Volume 1 - The Weirn Books
By Svetlana Chmakova

Yen Press
April 2009
ISBN #9780759528598
Urban Fantasy
Graphic Novel $10.99

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Book Description:

Night school answers the age-old question—Where do demons get their diplomas? Schools may close for the night and the lights may be off, but class is still in session. At the Night school, werewolves, vampires, and witches gather to learn everything from spell casting to calculus. Alex, a young weirn (a particular kind of witch) has always been home schooled, but dark forces seem to be drawing her closer to the Night school and the mysteries within.

Schools may lock up for the night, but class is in session for an entirely different set of students. In the Night school, vampires, werewolves, and weirns (a particular breed of witches) learn the fundamentals of everything from calculus to spell casting. Alex is a young weirn whose education has always been handled through home schooling, but circumstances seem to be drawing her closer to the Night school. Will Alex manage to weather the dark forces gathering?

Book Review:

Alex is a home schooled girl who wields strange powers. She lives with her big sister, Sarah. Sarah supports them by working at NightSchool. Alex always finds her trying to wake up Sarah so she can make it to work on time. Sarah is well loved by the students at NS but that does not save her from being targeted by unknown assailant.

Alex likes to observe vampires and other supernatural specimens and keeps a journal about them. She is caught in the crossfire between vampires and hunters. Things get from bad to worse when rippers enter the picture. Just when things calm down enough something knocks unconscious everyone that has left standing.

Hours later, Alex finds herself at home on her doorstep. She has no clue what happened or how she got home. Later she tries to get in touch with Sarah. Alex becomes worried when she cannot get in touch with her sister.

There is an unknown plot developing at NIGHTSCHOOL. It wants Alex and looks like it will do whatever takes to get her to come to NIGHTSCHOOL.

Svetlana Chmakova brings readers her graphic novel, NIGHTSCHOOL. In NS, Svetlana has put a new spin on high school drama.

NS has students from the entire supernatural world. There is even group of teens trained to protect the humans from all supernatural races. Something unknown and dangerous is arising at NS. It seems no one is immune from its path of destruction. Moreover, what does it want with Alex? Why is Alex the key to uncovering the mystery?

I just fell in love with NIGHTSCHOOL by Svetlana Chmakova with just reading her blurb.

Alex is very interesting and intriguing character. Sarah made my laugh out load more than once. There are plenty of characters in NS to keep plenty of reader’s interest piqued.

I for one cannot wait to read the next volume in The Weirn Book saga.

I give NIGHTSCHOOL a rating of 5 Stars!

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