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Review - Twins of Darkness Bk 3 of The Darkness and The Night Series by Lisa Lane

Twins of Darkness by Lisa Lane
Book 3 in The Darkness and the Night Series
Ravenous Romance
ISBN # 978-1-60777-145-6
Erotic Fantasy Romance
June 4th 2009
EBook Price: $4.99

Book Description:

Karen learns quickly that being both a mother and a vampire is no easy task, especially since her children, fraternal twins Anna and Andy, are not typical kids. Anna, although seemingly human, has the unique ability to not only travel the Astral, but also manipulate objects and people between planes.
Andy also appears to be a normal human boy, but appearances prove disastrously deceiving. With the help of her blood donor and lover, Jason, Karen does her best to offer the twins a "normal" suburban life.
Despite them, Anna and Andy come into their own, exploring their family's past . . . and the very different beings they are both slowly becoming. In the process, the author takes us on a wild ride that breaks beyond the boundaries of time and reality, sexual exploration, love and sacrifice . . . and back to the vampire commune.

Book Review:

Karen has long hoped for her kids to have a “normal” life. However, fate is a fickle bitch and does not let that normal.
At first it looks like Andy is the only normal person in their family but looks can be deceiving. Anna on the other hand has powers beyond anyone has ever seen. Karen tries to instill the right from wrong in her twins but they are more than even she can handle.
Luckily, for Karen, she still has her husband Jason at her side. He continues to donate blood for Karen and be a good father for the twins. Unfortunately, Anna cannot help but feel that she needs more than Jason can provide. Therefore, she seeks out love, affection from places few people have rarely seen.
The years pass by and the twins grow into their powers. Anna continues to act out behind her parent’s back. Andy discovers a completely new side to himself.
Lisa Lane brings fans and new readers the latest addition to her trilogy of The Darkness and the Night- Twins of Darkness to life. In this book, the twins are front and center of the story. Ms. Lisa creates a hell of lot of action, drama, suspense and rule breaking adventure-seeking twins.
Anna does not feel like she belongs anywhere. She especially feels like an outsider in her own family. She is no longer close with her twin brother, Andy.
Andy is the popular kid in school unlike his sister. Currently dating one the hottest girls in school, he feels like nothing could go wrong. Boy, is ever wrong about that. Andy discovers his ‘vampire’ side at the worst possible time.

Meanwhile Anna continues to seek out more ways to get energy from souls. On one particular visit, she meets the man that has made her mother’s life a living hell. Anna comes face to face with the man who murdered her father, Billy.
I can go on and on about how awesome this latest book is, but I do not want to ruin it for Ms. Lisa’s fans and readers.

With the shocking and climatic ending, the author left it will not disappoint any reader. I definitely chose this book as my top pick of the week!
I give The Darkness and the Night 3 - Twins of Darkness a rating of 4 Stars.
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About The Author:
 I am a writer. Writing is my passion, my release, and my escape. My day is not complete unless I write at least a few pages, and I craft sentences and redraft chapters as I drift off to sleep each night. It is quite safe to say that I obsess over the written word. I see words as broken shards of colored glass: alone they are worthless, but when placed together in just the right way they have the potential to form great masterpieces. I believe in taking chances with my work. I believe that sometimes great literature can come in the guise of a 300-page guilty pleasure, and that not much compares to good, literary science fiction.

I have been writing novels and screenplays for over twenty years, but my craft didn't take that necessary leap from good to polished until about five years ago. Whereas dialog and narration came rather naturally to me throughout the majority of my life, only my most recent works truly reflect a sense of depth, pacing, and suspense that comes only with experience and time. Of the works I feel are finished or in the process of redraft, I can claim seven novels: two literary, one narrative nonfiction, three erotic horrors, and one erotic romantic sci-fi. I have adapted three of my original novels into screenplays. I also have four original screenplays,as well as a collection of short stories and essays. My stories range from literary, science fiction, and horror to lighthearted comedy, romance/erotica, and heartfelt confession. I love to explore new genres, and then find new and exciting ways to make them my own. My work is eclectic and unique.

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