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Tracey O'Hara Guest Author Blog & Interview Day

Night’s Cold Kiss (A Dark Brethren Novel) by Tracey O’Hara

EOS Books/HarperCollins Publishing

ISBN #9780061783135

Urban Fantasy Romance

August 25th 2009

Print Book - $7.99

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I would like to give a warm welcome to future bestselling author, Tracey O’Hara.

Thank you, Tracey for letting Night Time Romance Reviews interview you.

First, I want to start by asking you this question.

What is the one thing that may surprise readers about you?

I LOVE Heavy Metal music. I write my books to it. I love older Metal bands like Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Metallica, Twisted Sister, Rammstein and very fond of Rob Zombie. I’m also into the Pagan/Gothic rock bands such as Nightwish, Inkubus Sukkubus and Within Temptation. As I write this more and more bands pop into my head. There is a band for every mood.
I’m also an IT analyst/programmer by day.

Can you tell us a bit about Night’s Cold Kiss?

The Dark Brethren world exists in entirety in my head, I didn’t make it up, it’s just there and I learn a little more about it each day I write. When I started to write Night’s Cold Kiss, the creatures were a hidden and secret as with a lot of paranormal stories – but the more I wrote the more it became apparent that this was an alternate version of earth where these creatures, or races as I call them, live amongst the humans, openly. Night’s Cold Kiss is Antoinette’s story on how she copes with her beliefs being turned inside out and the realization of how her perceptions have been colored by her traumatic past.

What was it that first inspired you to write Night’s Cold Kiss?

I had an image, a very vivid image, of a woman creeping through a dark abandoned warehouse carrying a sword with a vampire sitting in the rafters watching her. I wanted to know if she was hunting, or being hunted? Then, in the very next thought, the title of NIGHT’S COLD KISS came to me. And the Dark Brethren series was born.

How long did it take you to get this first book in your series, A Dark Brethren to be published?

I started writing Night’s Cold Kiss in the beginning of 2005. I wrote the first 3 chapters and entered them in a couple of competitions. In one competition I received a third place and missed out on making the finals with the other by a mere score of 1. I learned how to write with this book. The offer was made in August 2008 – so that makes it 3 and ½ years.

What were you doing when your first found out your book was going to be published?

I was attending the national Romance Writers of Australia conference just after getting back from Nationals in San Francisco. I got an email from my agent about an offer and had to keep quiet until we had formally accepted. Because of the time difference that meant I had to wait another day before I could tell people. When I got the green light the then president of RWAustralia, Anne Gracie, announced it with the other first sales of the year. It was the most wonderful place to be. The only down side is that my husband wasn’t with me and I had to wait until I got home to share the joy with him – although he was the first person I rang, straight after reading the email.

Was urban fantasy your first genre choice to write?

I was never interested in writing at a young age, though I did make up stories. I’d never thought of doing it until I was researching my family history in 2004. My very first attempt was a colonial Australian saga as a practice book. My mother is still at me to finish that manuscript. Oneday. But I’d been bitten by the writing bug and when I got the idea for Night’s Cold Kiss it just took over and compelled me to write. Actual when I first started writing it, I didn’t even know the term Urban Fantasy. I had no idea where it fit in. I had a lot to learn.

What is it about vampires that intrigue you to write about them?

I’ve loved vampires ever since reading Salem’s Lot by Stephen King. I’m a huge horror fan, always have been. And with my own book I had a chance to write vampires the way that made sense to me.
I’m very logical – and I wanted stuff based in science. So I invented my own creatures and called them by a different name. They are not truly vampires the way mythology portrays them. They are my versions of vampires.

Did any of your characters give you hard time when you first started writing Night’s Cold Kiss?

Yes, Oberon. He was supposed to be a minor character by he stomped into the book in his heavy black boots and refused to leave. And who am I to argue with a 7 foot, leather wearing, Harley-hiding, dreadlocked ursian (werebear).

It seems the world is now fascinated with vampires. Are you a Team True Blood Eric & Bill? Or are you strictly fan of Team Edward from Twilight?

Defiantly Team True Blood, especially Eric, booyah. Bill really started to annoy me, like he lost his fangs. I do see a place for the Team Twilight, I’m afraid they are just not my type of vampire. In fact out of Twilight vampires, James is my favorite. The naughty one. Starting to get the picture.

Now that Night’s Cold Kiss will soon be released, can you tell us a little about what you might be working on now?

NIGHT’S COLD KISS is the first book in the Dark Brethren series. I am just about to hand in book 2, tentatively called DEATH’S SWEET EMBRACE, which introduces a new hero and heroine, though Antoinette presence still features largely as does Oberon’s.
I’m also working on the third book in the series, which I’m calling SIN’S DARK CARESS.

Is there anything you would like to tell readers about you and/or Night‘s Cold Kiss?
Just I hope people enjoy a little visit to my world and want to come back for again.

I want to thank Tracey O’Hara for letting us discover the magic behind her exciting new world.

Thank you, Tracey.

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